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How to Clean Terrazzo Stains

How to Clean Terrazzo Stains. Terrazzo is a popular flooring and countertopping material with a marble-like finish. Two parts marble and one part cement are mixed together to make terrazzo.

At the time of installation, additional marble chips are sprinkled on the surface and hence, at least 70 percent of the exposed surface is marble. The marble part of Terrazzo promises to be stain-resistant as it does not absorb most spills; but the cement binder, being permeable, absorbs stains easily. That is why it is important to take utmost care of terrazzo flooring. Here's how to clean stains that are deposited on a terrazzo surface:

  1. Get rid of stains caused by alcoholic beverages by cleaning with hot soapy water. If the stain is persistent, consider dabbing it with denatured alcohol. If the stain still does not go away, place an absorbent cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide directly over the stain topped by an ammonia-saturated cloth.

  2. Remove blood stains by cleaning with cold, clean water. If the stain does not go away add a few drops of ammonia to the water. For stubborn blood stains, drizzle some lukewarm water on the affected area and sprinkle powdered malt on it. Let stand an hour and rinse.

  3. Soak a piece of absorbent cloth in a solution made of one part glycerin and three parts regular water. Put it on the area affected with coffee stains and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Alternatively, make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and calcium carbonate or abrasive powder and hot water and apply it on the stain.

  4. Remove oil and grease stains by gently cleaning the surface with warm water mixed with liquid detergent. You can also use household de-greasing agent to provide spot treatment. Paint stains can also be removed in a similar manner.

  5. Get rid of ink stains by cleaning with warm water mixed with liquid detergent. For older stains, mix two tablespoons sodium perborate and a pint of water and whip it to form a paste before applying it on the stain. For stubborn blue ink stains, try applying strong ammonia water solution, not directly on the terrazzo but on a layer of cotton.

  6. Place an absorbent cloth saturated in hydrogen peroxide directly over soft drink stains, followed by a cloth soaked in ammonia.

  7. Apply a paste of abrasive powder and hot water on terrazzo surface to remove urine stains. For unyielding urine stains, try laying a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide directly over the stain, followed by an ammonia-saturated cloth.


During installation, ensure that the contractor has applied a penetrating sealer approved for terrazzo. This sealer is absorbed by the cement, which helps in sealing the pores thereby reducing the absorptive quality of the flooring. Clean the floor on a routine basis with water and non-abrasive household cleaner to avoid dirt buildup. Mop up spillage quickly so that the stain does not have a chance to settle in.


Waxing terrazzo floors is considered unnecessary and causes the floor to be slippery. Even though waxing gives temporary protection, it tends to wear off easily and also does not give the characteristic natural sheen of terrazzo.