How to Clean Vitrified Tile Stains

Marie Jones

Vitrified tiles are typically used in restaurants and businesses with large amounts of foot traffic. Vitrified tiles are incredibly durable and designed to withstand heavy use. According to Research Products, "

there is no surface glazing or designs on these tiles, as they are made for extreme wear and chemical resistance." Proper care and regular cleaning of vitrified tile will minimize staining, but prolonged exposure to dirt can still cause stains to appear on your tiles. Cleaning your vitrified tiles can be done with minimal preparation and will prevent you from having to replace the tiles.

  1. Sweep the tiles thoroughly. Use a regular broom and dust pan to remove standing dirt and debris from the tiles. This will make it easier to see any stains.

  2. Mop the tiles with a gentle tile cleaner. Tile cleaners can be purchased at any home improvement store in the cleaning supply section. Concentrate on any stained areas and mop thoroughly.

  3. Scrub any problem areas. Spray tile cleaner directly on any stains and allow the cleaner to sit for five minutes. This will pull any stains to the surface of the tiles. Use a scrub brush or sponge to remove the stains. Avoid using knives or scrapers, as this can create permanent scratches on the tiles.

  4. Rinse the tiles. Research Products notes, "It is important to clean water scrub and rinse to remove all residues and alkalinity." Leaving leftover soap or residue on your tiles can cause new stains and leave sticky areas.