Natural Solution for Carpet Glue Removal

Nick Davis

You are pulling up the old, dirty carpet from your basement's game room. The task has been easy so far, but now you are left with carpet glue on the flooring. You want to remove the carpet glue without damaging the floor. Using a commercial glue remover is out of the question. You are stumped on what to use.

There is a natural solution you can use to remove the carpet glue — white vinegar.

Setting Up the Carpet Glue Removal Solution

Pour 2 cups of white vinegar in a pot. Heat the vinegar on a medium heat burner until the vinegar boils. Let the vinegar cool for one minute and then pour it in a bucket. Dip a clean cloth or towel into the bucket and let it soak in the vinegar for 1 minute. Remove the cloth or towel, but don't wring out the excess vinegar. If the area of carpet glue you want to remove is large, place three or more cloths or towels in the bucket of vinegar and soak them as well.

Applying the Vinegar-Soaked Cloth or Towel

Lay the warm vinegar-soaked cloth or towel on the carpet glue. Let the cloth or towel sit for 15 minutes. Use a wide scraper, 4-inch or 6-inch, to scrape the carpet glue from the floor or other surface. If the vinegar cools, reheat on your kitchen's stove and soak the cloth or towel again until you have removed all the carpet glue from the flooring or other surface.

For stubborn carpet glue, let the vinegar-soaked cloth or towel sit for 30 minutes, then start scraping off the glue.

Rinsing and Drying the Floor or Surface

Rinse the floor or other surface with a damp cloth or towel and cool water after the carpet glue has been removed. Do not pour the cool water directly on the floor or other surface. Use paper towels or dry towels to dry the floor or surface. Do not rub the floor or surface dry, just blot it with paper towels or a dry towel.

Do not install new carpeting or flooring until the floor is completely dry.