How to Anchor Outdoor Sheds

Kenneth Crawford

Outdoor sheds are great for storing yard tools and equipment out of the elements. Most outdoor sheds are on concrete slabs or built over a wooden frame. To protect your shed investment, you should anchor your outdoor shed to the ground.

High winds can cause an outdoor shed to blow over or worse, especially in areas prone to tornadoes. Anchoring outdoor sheds is well worth your time.


Anchor kits can be purchased at big-box retailers or online.

Shed On Concrete Slab

  1. Drill holes into the sill plate around the inside perimeter of the shed with an appropriate bit. The sill plate is the bottom frame that contacts the concrete slab. Use a bit made for the material that makes up the sill plate and is the same diameter as the anchor.

  2. Make holes in the concrete slab with a masonry bit and drill. Insert the masonry bit in the holes in the sill plate. Make the holes to a depth of 2.5 inches.

  3. Place the flat washer over the threaded portion of the anchor and thread the retaining nut to the top of the anchor. Do not thread the nut to the bottom of the threads.

  4. Set the bottom of the anchor into the holes in the sill plate. The bottom of the anchor is the part that does not have threads. Pound the anchor into the holes and into the concrete slab with a hammer. Pound the anchor bolts until they hit the bottom of the holes.

  5. Tighten the retaining nuts to the sill plate with a socket wrench.

Shed With Wood Frame Platform

  1. Position an anchor at a slight angle pointing away from the shed at each corner. Twist the anchors into the ground until only the eye bolt head of the anchor is above the ground. Insert the handle of a hammer into the eye bolt head to aid twisting the anchor into the ground. Ground anchors have auger ends that drill into the soil like an auger.

  2. Loop one end of the supplied anchor cable through the eye bolt head of the anchor. Secure the cable end to the anchor with the cable clamp. Tighten the clamp with a socket wrench.

  3. Thread the cable over the frame beams under the shed closest to the anchor and bring the cable back to the anchor. Loop the end of the cable through the eye bolt head of the anchor and pull the cable tight. Secure the cable to the anchor with a cable clamp. Repeat on all corners of the shed.