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How to Monitor Construction Work Progress

Ben Wakeling

Construction developments run on tight time schedules; any delays can cost a large amount of money and must be avoided. In order to do this, the progress of construction should be constantly monitored to ensure that deadlines and goals are met on time. A lot of preparation goes into a system to monitor progress, without which the project could become disorganized.

Construction sites require careful monitoring at all times.
  1. Write down the completion date for the development.

  2. Open your spreadsheet program. Create a table that shows weeks across the top (beginning from the construction start date and terminating at your completion date). List all the trades down the left hand side.

  3. Create colored bars on this chart to indicate when each tradesman or subcontractor begins and ends, culminating at your completion date.

  4. Decide upon a number of 'milestone' dates, by which certain actions must be finished.

  5. When visiting the site, monitor actual progress against your program schedule. This will indicate to you whether or not the site is ahead or behind schedule.