What Is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Blinds?

Vinyl blinds are a good option for any budget.


What Is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Blinds?What Is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Blinds?
Their composition makes them flexible, which is a bonus if you have kids or pets in your home. They are available in many colors, sizes and styles including vertical or horizontal. They are easier to clean than their cloth counterparts are, as well.

Depending upon where your vinyl blinds are hanging and how long it has been since they were last cleaned, there will be some dirt build-up present. If you live in a dry, sandy area, your blinds might need to be dusted more frequently. On the other hand, blinds used in damp regions will need to be cleaned regularly to avoid mold. Different cleaning methods should be used depending on the type of grime that is present.


If your blinds have a grimy build-up due to grease, dirt and dust, use a soap and ammonia mixture to clean them. If you have mini-blinds or a small set of vertical blinds that will fit into your tub, take them down and put them in the bathtub. Fill the tub with enough warm water to cover the blinds, and add a cup of dish soap and a cup of ammonia. You can wash several sets of blinds at once using this method.

Time Frame

Whirl the water around using a gloved hand to produce suds. Allow the blinds to soak for two hours. Drain the water from the tub and then rinse or spray the blinds with water to ensure there are no remaining suds. If any stubborn grease or grime has remained on the blinds, use a wet sponge with a little added dish soap to scrub the dirt away. Prop the blinds up on the side of the tub and allow them to drip-dry for about an hour. Allow to completely dry before re-hanging.


If your blinds are too large to fit into your bathtub, but they have a greasy, dirty film, take them down and find a place to hang or lean them against an outdoor surface. Spray them well with a garden hose. Follow by spraying them with a degreasing product such as "Simple Green" or a homemade degreaser made with one part ammonia, one part dish soap and one part hot water. Use a cleaning brush to wipe the blinds on both sides. Spray off with the hose and allow to dry.


If your blinds are dusty but not grimy, you may be able to clean them without removing them from the door or window. Wrap clean cotton cloth, such as an old sock or cut up t-shirt, around a yardstick or broom handle. Hold it in place with a rubber band. Spray it with a dusting aid like "Endust" or rubbing alcohol and then run it between each slat. You can also slip clean socks onto your hand, dampen the sock with alcohol and wipe each slat with your hand.

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