Best Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are common furniture items that are known by many names, from lift recliners to chair lifts. Lift chairs are convenient because they are built to help people go from a standing position to a sitting position. They look a lot like other upholstered chairs, but their functions are completely different. However, they are a very convenient and a useful piece of furniture for many people, especially the elderly.


How exactly do lift chairs work? They have a recline and lift mechanism that contains a motor (sometimes even two motors) that both moves the chair up and down and reclines the chair back and forth. The motor also raises the chair's foot rest. With the simple press of a button, users can get out of the chair (already standing) and recline. Lift chairs are very helpful to caregivers working with elderly or disabled individuals, as they don't have to help with this process at all.


There are a lot of convenient, effective and high-quality lift chairs on the market. Some of the best include the Pride luxury line, elegance collection, leather lift chair, and classic-style lift chair, as well as Golden's comforter chair, signature chair, MaxiComfort chair and Golden designer chair.


The best lift chairs on the market (usually manufactured by the brands Pride or Golden) can be very expensive or moderately priced, depending on the type of chair. For leather luxury lift chairs (with armrest and headrest), you can expect to pay about $1,800. If you want a cheaper option, look for a classic, casual, "no-frills" lift chair. Pride's Classic lift chairs are excellent and only cost about $500.


To find the best possible lift chair for you, consider a few factors beforehand. These factors include your height and weight and the seat dimensions you desire. If you weigh 150 lbs., look for a lift chair that is capable of supporting at least 280 lbs. (though most lift chairs are able to support about 300 lbs.). Be sure to take seat depth and width into consideration as well. A lift chair is supposed to be an item of comfort--so make sure you buy one that is as comfortable for your body as possible.

Expert Insight

There are a numerous online resources that stock diverse and vast selections of high-quality lift chairs. Some of these vendors include Jameson Medical (they offer free shipping), 4-Lift-Chairs, Pride Lift Chairs, All Lift Chairs, Golden Technologies and Liftchairs.com.