About Washing Machine Lint Traps

The importance of removing lint from your washing machine's lint trap is much larger than many people realize. It is nearly as important as removing the lint from your dryer's trap. It barely takes any time, and can save you money, add years onto your washing machine's life and conserve energy.


About Washing Machine Lint Traps

A lint trap for a washer or dryer machine is a part of the machine that catches all of the debris, spare threads, hair and clothing lint that is swept up in the washing or drying cycle. Making it a habit to clean them out every couple of loads benefits your machine greatly and reduces a risk of an appliance fire. On a washing machine, lint traps are necessary because after awhile, debris and lint particles run through the hose drain and slowly start to clog up the drain.


A washer machine lint trap is a small container made of plastic with a metal mesh pouch to collect excess debris, lint and clothing particles and threads from each load of clothes being washed in the machine. They may be disposable, depending upon what type you buy and how much you want to change them.


Lint traps range from the size of a large coffee filter, to a large water pitcher. They can come in numerous shapes, sizes, styles, colors and designs. It all depends on the make and the model of the machine. They can be inside the large center tub, and you can open it by removing the top cap part. They can be a container attached to the drainage hose of the washer machine, or it may be a square or oval shape hanging off the inside of the washer machine.

Time Frame

A lint trap in a washer machine should be cleaned at least every couple of loads. It does not get as full of debris as a clothes dryer's lint trap does, so emptying it every three to four loads is fine. The more you clean the washing machine lint trap, the more it will benefit your machine. Lint traps that aren't disposable should be replaced every ten months to a year, as they become worn down over time from the machine functions, soap and water.


A lint trap on your washer machine is extremely beneficial. It will help preserve the life of your washer machine. If you do not have one currently, purchase one from a home store to extend the life of your washer, and be sure that you attached it properly and securely. It reduces the risk of an appliance fire as well. It helps the clothes to was at the quickest time possible, and causes the washer to perform at its maximum efficiency. If you clean your lint trap every day, this will also help preserve and save energy.

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