Horizontal Vs. Vertical Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are some of the most common pumps on the market. This type of pump is highly efficient at transferring fluid over a wide range of pressures and flows. The only difference between horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps is shape. The choice between using a horizontal centrifugal pump or a vertical centrifugal pump is usually based on convenience.


Centrifugal pumps

Several applications exist for horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps. They are employed in the biotechnology, food and pharmaceutical industries to name a few. They are used in water handling applications, such as irrigation and drainage. Centrifugal pumps are used by chemical companies to transport thin, slightly contaminated liquids. This type of pump can also be used for the distribution of artificial fertilizers and bilge pumping in boats.


There are two main components to centrifugal pumps. The rotating component of a centrifugal pump consists of a shaft and an impeller. The stationary component of a centrifugal pump consists of a casing, a cover for the casing and bearings. Impellers fit inside the casing.


Volute and circular are basically two types of a casing for centrifugal pumps. According to cheresource.com, "A volute is a curved funnel increasing in area to the discharge port." As the cross-section area increases, the volute reduces liquid speed and increases liquid pressure. The purpose of volute casings is to balance the hydraulic pressure on the pump shaft. Circular casings consist of stationary diffusion vanes that surround the impeller periphery. The vanes convert velocity energy into pressure energy.


Vertical centrifugal pumps have many mounting options because of their long slender design. Many models of both types of pumps have suction and delivery connections. Most centrifugal pumps are made out of cast iron or other hard metal materials.


Johnson Pump offers several types of horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps to consumers. The Combibloc horizontal centrifugal pump is compact and easy to maintain. The ComiChem horizontal pump offers a high-efficiency impeller and robust shaft design. Johnson Pump's CombiNorm also has a high-efficiency impeller, and can be used for low viscosity, slightly contaminated or clean liquids. The Combidirt can handle solids and prevents clogging. The Combiflex offers a compact design and has many mounting options.