Broom & Mop Storage

Storing your brooms and mops properly will extend their usefulness and make it easier to pick one up and clean your room. Ideally your storage area should hold only the items you need. Try not to clutter it with all those items that have no other home. If you can reach your tools without having to reach over boxes of old papers and a broken blender, you are more likely to use them frequently.


Proper storage makes brooms and mops easier to use.

Think about where you use your brooms and mops and what types you need. You might use a corn husk broom in your kitchen but a push broom in your garage. Try to store brooms and mops close to where you use them so they will be handy for cleanup. You may want to have storage in several areas. Consider storing brooms and mops on each floor they are used on. That way you will not have to carry them up and down stairs.


Storage can be in a closet, behind a door or on a wall. You can also convert a wardrobe into a storage closet or remove the shelves from a bookcase and hang a curtain from the top, creating an instant closet.


Hang brooms to protect their bristles and extend their usefulness. Home supply and specialty storage stores sell both spring-loaded clips and wall-mounted holders that can store several brooms. Wall-mounted holders require only two screws to hold several brooms. Spring-loaded clips, which are each installed with a screw, are easier to arrange to suit a variety of storage locations and needs. Whichever kind you choose make sure that it is wide enough to hold the handle of your broom. Add rubber tips to the end of the broom handles to keep it from marking your walls.


Hanging protects a mop’s sponge or yarn head, allows it to dry, and prevents it from picking up dirt off the floor. You can use either spring-mounted clips or a wall-mounted holder. Try to clean mops and squeeze the excess water from them before returning them to their storage place. If you have room, place a metal tray (an old baking sheet will work) on the floor below the mop to catch any drips.


Add hooks to your storage area so you can hang whisk brooms and dustpans in the same area. Plan on storing the mop bucket and any floor cleaners you use near the mop. Depending on the bucket’s size, you can store it on the floor, hang it from a hook on the wall or store it on a nearby shelf along with the floor cleaners.

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