What Is VCT Flooring?

There are many types of flooring tile available these days, and each is best for a particular area. For high-traffic areas, VCT flooring is a great option.

What is VCT?

VCT, or vinyl composite tile, is a resilient floor tile. VCT is a very hard tile, so it is extremely durable.


You will most often find VCT in commercial buildings. Schools and grocery stores generally use VCT because of the high traffic levels in these buildings.

Preparing for VCT Installation

VCT installation requires a clean, level sub-floor. If the sub-floor has dips, fill them in with leveling compound. Sand down high areas in the sub-floor. If you must remove an old vinyl floor from 1990 or earlier, get it tested for asbestos. If it contains asbestos, a professional should remove it.


VCT installation is similar to that of other floor tiles. Glue the VCT to the sub-floor. There are different types of adhesive; the main difference in each is the amount of time you have to work with it.

Caring for VCT

To care for VCT, sweep often and mop the tiles with a mild cleaner as needed. You may have a cleaning service use a floor cleaning and polishing machine on VCT periodically, depending on the traffic and amount of wear.

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