What Are the Benefits of Fiberglass Entry Doors?

Traditional entry doors are made of wood or steel. Another alternative is fiberglass entry doors. Some benefits of these entry doors include appearance, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.


Fiberglass entry doors are well-designed and made of solid materials. Some of these doors have glass panels installed by the door manufacturer. Another feature is limited water penetration when these doors are exposed to moisture.


The appearance of fiberglass doors is similar to natural wood--without the maintenance. Homeowners or interior designers can leave doors plain or paint the doors to match the exterior of a home.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass doors provide energy savings similar to wood. Homeowners or interior designers can install these entry doors with confidence in hot, humid environments, as they are very impervious to not only moisture intrusion but energy loss.


Homeowners or interior designers purchase fiberglass entry doors because of their ease of maintenance. These doors resist dents and scratches. Higher-priced fiberglass doors require only limited maintenance, such as periodic cleaning, while lower-priced fiberglass doors may crack.


Before ordering fiberglass doors, homeowners or interior designers should measure the door frame. These doors are difficult to resize when a door frame is improperly measured. With a wood door, for instance, a little can be shaved off the top if the door is too tall.

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