What Is a Dowel Used For?

A dowel is a type of round pin, made of wood, plastic or metal, that is mostly used to fit into the holes of two adjacent pieces to align them and keep them in place.


Dowels can be made of many materials, including wood for woodworking projects.Dowels can be made of many materials, including wood for woodworking projects.
Dowels come in a variety of sizes. Thicker and lengthier dowels can support heavy draperies, while smaller and thinner ones are used to join together pieces of cabinets or furniture. They are also called a dowel pin or dowel rod.

Wooden dowels are mainly used in woodwork to join different pieces together. They are included with unassembled furniture to allow consumers to quickly assemble their purchase with minimal construction skills. Wooden dowels can also be used to put together an assortment of racks and cabinets.

Home Uses

Dowels can be found as perches in birdcages or are used as curtain rods. Some people even mount dowels on the wall for hanging their coats and jackets or items such as keys, tools, toilet roll dispensers and picture frames.

Other uses

Dowels can also be found on the axles (the shaft for rotating a wheel) in toys, on gymnastics grips, and can be used as knitting needles.

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