The Average Price of a Mobile Home

The price of mobile homes varies depending on certain factors.

The Nationwide Average

Size, quality of construction, location and current economic conditions all have an effect on price. The Census Bureau keeps track of such data, and regularly releases information on the average price of mobile homes.

As of June 2010, preliminary research showed that the average price of a mobile home in the United States is $62,700. An average double-wide home costs $73,300, while a single home costs, on average, $37,800.

Regional Averages

Mobile home prices vary from region to region. The June 2010 statistics show that in the Northeast, a mobile home costs on average $67,400, while the Midwest average is $63,300. The cheapest place for mobile homes is in the South, where average prices are at $59,800. The most expensive is in the West at an average price of $76,300.

Averages over Time

The average price also fluctuates over time. In 2000, a mobile home sold for about $46,400. This price steadily climbed until it peaked in 2007, when the average price was $65,400. The numbers then began to fall, going from $64,700 in 2008 to $63,100 in 2009.

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