What Is the Difference Between Engineered & Laminate Flooring?

Both engineered hardwood and laminate are flooring options for those who like the look of natural wood but want a smaller price tag. Engineered hardwood and laminate floors are both very resistant to damage.


Laminate floors are made with synthetic materials.

Laminate floors are made from different synthetic materials to make them lighter and cheaper than wood. Engineered hardwood floors feature a coating made from different types of natural wood and a base layer made of plywood.


Laminate floors are often less expensive than engineered hardwood floors, though the cost of an engineered floor depends on the type of wood used for the top layer. Harder, thicker woods cost more.

Environmental Concerns

Both laminate and engineered hardwood floors offer environmentally-conscious homeowners a good option. Engineered hardwood is often mostly made of recycled wood parts, while laminate helps save trees entirely.


While laminate floors are durable, engineered hardwood floors offer additional strength due to the layers of wood they include. Both floors are moisture resistant enough to be placed in a kitchen or bathroom area.

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