How Can I Remove Yellow Stains From a Marble-Top Table?

Marble table tops, like every other surface in the home, can become stained. The key to successfully removing a yellow stain from marble is to properly identify the stain. Many common household products effectively clean marble.

Properties of Marble

Brush on soap melted in hot water to remove stains from marble.

Marble, a natural stone, is porous, and therefore soaks up liquids and stains easily. The porous nature of the material also allows for simple stain removal.

Types of Stains

Stains can be divided into a few main categories, including organic, biological, and oil-based. Any of these categories could yield yellow stains on marble, according to the Eurotech Marble website. Organic stains include items like coffee and tea; oil-based stains include many greasy foods and cooking oils; biological stains include mold, mildew and moss.

Cleaning Procedures

Some of the most effective marble cleaners can be found in the bathroom closet, including soap bars and hydrogen peroxide. The Old House Web website recommends using plain soap to remove tough stains. Dissolve soap in hot water, and paint it onto the stain and wipe it off over the course of five days. Hydrogen peroxide effectively removes organic and biological stains. For oil-based stains, the Eurotech Marble website recommends using bleach, ammonia or baking soda.