What Is a Spa Blower?

Spa air blowers are an essential part to any spa.


Spa air blowers may also be referred to as bubblers or air pumps.Spa air blowers may also be referred to as bubblers or air pumps.
Air blowers are used in various types of jetted, heated and water-filled tubs for therapeutic effects. When defective, these devices should be replaced, not repaired.

Spa air blowers introduce air into the water-filled spa through multiple injectors placed throughout the tub. Blowers are designed to enhance a person's experience using a spa by creating a massaging sensation and providing relaxation.


Spa air blowers are made up of a fan motor and housing. They may be installed so that they run through one single channel cavity with multiple holes in it, or to a manifold that distributes air pressure through smaller lines into the water. They typically run on 110V circuits but some may use 220V.


It is recommended that spa air blowers be replaced if they become defective. Since there are not many parts to an air blower, repairing a defective unit is not cost effective. Safety precautions should be observed when dealing with electricity in a typically wet environment.

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