The Distance Needed Between a Cooktop & Kitchen Sink

The layout of a kitchen is based on the kitchen work triangle consisting of the distance between the cooktop, fridge and sink, as these are central points in a kitchen.


The cooktop and sinkThe cooktop and sink

The total distance of the work triangle should be no more than 20 feet. The distance between the cooktop and sink should not be less than 4 feet and not more than 8 feet. Do not place the sink or cooktop in the corner and there should be at least 16 inches between them and the corner


The optimal distance between cooktop and kitchen sink allows for efficient movement between the two centers.


An L-shaped kitchen layout uses two walls with the refrigerator at one end, cooktop on the other end, and sink in the middle. The U-shaped kitchen layout uses three walls with the fridge and cooktop located on opposite walls, and the sink in the middle.

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