Where Should You Store Oven Mitts and Pot Holders?

Cassie Damewood

Oven mitts and pot holders protect cooks' hands and forearms from oven heat and hot lids and handles on pots and pans. The storage of the items should be both practical and safe.

Sensible Storage

Oven mitts and pot holders make handling hot items easier and safer.

Protective hand wear should be easily accessible to cooks. Magnetic hooks on the sides of stoves and refrigerators efficiently hold mitts and pot holders with loops. A kitchen drawer next to the stove provides easy access to the stored items. Storage in a remote linen closet or displaying them as kitchen decorations is impractical when they are immediately needed to handle hot pots and utensils.


Store pot holders and oven mitts a safe distance from the surfaces of the stove and oven. Do not hang them on oven doors, on the wall behind the stove or on hoods above range burners where an oven or stovetop fire could ignite them.

Tips & Precautions

Never use wet oven mitts as they could cause scalding. Purchase pot holders and mitts made of nonflammable materials. Avoid cooking while wearing loose clothing or draping sleeves that can ignite when exposed to active burners.