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What Is the Difference in Arnica Montana 30x and 30c?

Gabrielle Morgan

Homeopathic remedies are diluted from a mother tincture. The difference between 30x and 30c Arnica Montana is in the potency. Regardless of the potency, the uses and effectiveness are allegedly relatively the same.

30x Potency

Arnica Montana comes from the mountain daisy.

The x represents 10, meaning the mother tincture has been diluted to 1 part in 10. A 30x potency means the mother tincture has undergone the 1 in 10 dilution process 30 times.

30c Potency

The c represents 100, meaning that the mother tincture was diluted to 1 part in 100. A 30c potency means that the tincture has undergone this process of dilution 30 times.

Diluted Potency

Unlike conventional medications, the more diluted it is, the more potent the remedy. Lower potencies often are as effective as higher potencies once the correct remedy for the problem is identified.