Can You Replace a Tub With a Walk in Shower & Still Retain the House Value?

The impact of replacing a bathroom tub with a walk-in shower depends on the total number of bathrooms in your home and which bathroom you plan to alter. It is also dependent on the bathroom fixtures of similar local homes.

Number of Bathrooms

Value of bathroom fixtures is dependent on the number of bathrooms.

According to real estate brokers with Long and Foster Realtors, the installation of a walk-in shower in a one-bathroom home or in a master bath of a multiple-bath home tends to limit the appeal of your home to a segment of perspective buyers. Ultimately, that choice will lower your home's resale value if perspective buyers want a move-in ready home with a tub.

Local Market

Examine the homes in your area. The walk-in shower for a bathroom in an age-restricted community may not have the negative impact of replacing the tub in a community where families with children tend to reside. The change can further affect your home's value in communities that feature specific models that offer a buyer standard and expected features.

Inquire Before Remodeling

In order to evaluate bathroom fixtures in your home prior to deciding on a walk-in shower installation, consult a licensed real estate agent in your area. The agent will know your area well enough to advise you of value impact based on your home, the type of shower you plan to install and your neighborhood.