Whirlpool F-30 Errors

Darryl Cameron

Whirlpool Duet washing machines are equipped with self-diagnostic systems that provide codes to help alert you to problems with the washer, including drain hose issues, an insufficient water supply and excessive suds in the tub. "F30" refers to a problem with the washer's dispenser system.

"F" Codes

According to Whirlpool, certain "F" codes, including F30, indicate an electronic communication problem with the washer. Some Duet models are equipped with electronic displays that will read "F30" when this error occurs. Models without displays instead illuminate a given combination of LEDs to indicate an error. In the Duet Sport, for example, when the "Wash," "Rinse," "Spin" and "Cycle Complete" LEDs are are illuminated at the same time, an F30 error is present.

Basic Code Reset

For error codes other than F20, F21 or F22, Whirlpool suggests pressing the "Pause/Cancel" button twice to cancel the cycle. Select "Drain/Spin" if excessive water remains in the tub. Reselect the cycle, then press "Start." If the error code remains, unplug the washer for at least one minute. Plug it back in, select the cycle and press "Start."

Professional Service

Only a professional technician should perform service to the washer's internal components. A professional can check the mechanical linkage from the dispenser motor to the top of the dispenser, the dispenser's wiring harness connections, and other causes of a malfunctioning dispenser motor.