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Loose Carpeting on Stairs

Penny Porter

Loose carpeting creates a risk of trips or falls regardless of location. Add loose carpeting to stairs and it becomes even more dangerous, potentially causing broken limbs, punctured lung and cracked skulls. Create a permanent or quick fix to avoid these and other painful results.


Loose carpeting on stairs is dangerous for people of all ages.

High traffic on stairs causes carpeting to wear out and loosen more easily than on floors and low-traffic areas. Incorrect installation and choice of the wrong carpet may also cause carpet to loosen easily on stairs.


Remedy loose carpet by replacing it entirely or simply reattaching it to the stairs. Stretch loose carpet back into place using a carpet stretcher to hook the bottom of the carpet back into the tack strips at the back of each tread.


Until you can rent a carpet stretcher or hire a professional, create a temporary fix to prevent falls on your stairs. Simply stretch the carpet by hand and staple into place with a staple gun and construction staples; place staples at the back or ends of tread to avoid stepping on exposed heads. When you can permanently fix the problem, use pliers to lift and remove the staples.