How to Decorate Inside a Children's Playhouse

Create a magical space just for your child by decorating the interior of his playhouse. Children can relish in their little home away from home by having the space reflect their individual style within paint colors and artwork. Choose interior pieces that the child can play with, mess up, spill juice on and still clean-up easily. If your child is old enough, consider asking him for his help to choose colors and help decorate. Once the playhouse is complete, watch his joy as he plays in the space you created for him.

Create a comfortable and entertaining environment in the playhouse for your child.

Step 1

Paint the interior of the playhouse a bright and playful color. Avoid painting the interior a dull or dark color. Most playhouses have an abundance of natural light because there is no artificial light source; therefore, choose something vibrant, yet light enough to reflect the natural light. Talk with your child to discuss his favorite colors of choice.

Step 2

Hang chalkboards or dry erase boards on one wall of the playhouse. This will allow his creative juices to flow while he is in his small space. If budget permits, create your own blackboard by painting one wall with blackboard paint and framing it with window trim. In addition, the paint will not fall off the wall in the event the child knocks into it on accident.

Step 3

Nail baskets to the wall for easy storage of chalk, erasers or markers to use for the chalkboard or dry erase board. Having a place nearby for easy clean-up and storage will keep items off the floor to prevent unwanted falls.

Step 4

Secure artwork to the walls to add texture and personalization to the interior of the playhouse. Send your child outside with paint and paper and have him create his own art. Once the art dries, frame it and secure it to the wall. In addition, swap out any glass frames for plastic to prevent accidents and hang the art at eye-level.

Step 5

Add furniture for your child to sit on to complete important projects. Place two to four small chairs and a table inside the playhouse. If room permits, add storage bins or cubbies along the wall for him to store supplies and toys in when they are not in use.

Step 6

Throw rugs on the floor to catch spills and to make the flooring soft under your child's feet. Purchase washable rugs in child-friendly colors to place on the floor.