How to Troubleshoot a Stove Igniter

Each burner on your range's stove top has an igniter beside it.
The igniter sparks the flame on a stove top.The igniter sparks the flame on a stove top.
The purpose of the igniter is to ignite the gas that is emitted from the burner, creating the open flame for cooking. If one or more of the burners on your range will not ignite, the problem my lie within the burner, spark module or the igniter. A few tests will help determine the source of the problem.

Step 1

Attempt to light each burner to determine whether the problem is isolated to one igniter or whether all igniters are failing to light. If all burners fail to light, the problem may be with the range's spark module.

Step 2

Turn on the burner gas supply and light the burner manually using a match to verify that the burner is emitting a proper amount of gas. A burner with proper gas flow produces a clean blue flame, rather than a yellow, sooty flame.

Step 3

Examine the non-functional igniter to determine whether food particles have become stuck on the igniter, preventing it from sparking. Clean the burner if particles are found using warm water and an all-purpose liquid cleaner

Step 4

Examine the distance between the burner and the igniter. The igniter should be close to the burner, about the distance of the thickness of two dimes away.

Step 5

Attempt to light the igniter and listen to the clicking. A healthy igniter produces three to five clicks a second and emits a solid blue spark. If the spark is not solid blue or is weak, the igniter has either failed or the wiring adapter has come loose. If the sparking is erratic, the polarity at the wall outlet may be reversed.

Step 6

Remove the upper rear panel of the range and examine the spark module wire connectors if no clicking is heard on any burners. If the wires are securely connected, the range's spark module should be replaced.

Things You Will Need

  • All-purpose liquid cleaner
  • Matches

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