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How to Get Dents Out of Chrome

Julie Keyes

Chrome is a common metal used on automobiles, appliances, fixtures and some furniture. When dented by impact with another object, the soft chrome warps and stretches. Repair comes from hammering the dent out from the reverse side and slowly reshaping it. It may remain slightly visible up close, but will appear invisible from a distance. Common household tools are the only materials needed to repair most chrome dents. Consider hiring a professional to repair large dents.

Chrome on automobiles is frequently subjected to dents requiring repair.

Step 1

Remove the piece of chrome from its mounting. Most chrome pieces are either mounted with bolts and nuts or small clips.

Step 2

Lay an old towel, cloth, or piece of flexible silicone on a flat solid surface like a workbench, and place the chrome on that so the dent faces the protective cloth.

Step 3

Ask an assistant to steady and hold the chrome piece while you prepare to work out the dent from the inside.

Step 4

Place the flat end of a small wood block over the dent bulge. Gently strike an end of the block with a mallet or light-duty hammer a few times, and lift the wood to periodically examine the bulge.

Step 5

Repeat the hammering process as many times as needed to remove the dent. Some slight waviness in the chrome will remain, but the highly visible dent will be removed.