How to Grade a Gravel Road

Grading a gravel road or driveway requires the use of a box grader. This is a piece of equipment that is designed to lift and pull up compacted gravel from the ground. As you grade the gravel, it needs to be set in place with a steel roller. To pull the box grader and roller, you will need a tractor.

Gravel roads can be graded with a box grader.

Step 1

Attach the hitch of the box grader to the ball on the tractor's towing bar. Set the lock to secure the box grader to the tractor.

Step 2

Connect the steel roller to the ball on the back of the box grader. Set the lock to secure the steel roller to the box grader.

Step 3

Position the teeth of the box grader so they will penetrate 1-inch below the level of the ground.

Step 4

Move the tractor, pulling the box grader and steel roller, to one end of the gravel road or driveway. Shift the tractor's transmission gear to its lowest setting. Lower the box grader.

Step 5

Drive the tractor down the full length of the road or driveway. Turn the tractor around and make a second pass along the stretch you just covered. Continue this pattern until the road or driveway is graded.

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