How to Mount Gladiator Cabinets

Gladiator Garageworks is a garage storage and organization systems manufacturer that is part of the Whirlpool Corporation and is located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Gladiator makes a number of residential-grade and commercial-grade organization and work garage components such as workbenches, tool storage systems, wall systems, organization kits and cabinets. Among the Gladiator cabinets are wall-mounted organizers that hang from a garage wall to store tools. Mounting a Gladiator cabinet is straightforward and requires a few tools.

Step 1

Unpack your Gladiator cabinet and lay the components out on a workbench or table for easy access. For best results, lay a towel on the table or workbench beforehand so you can easily identify each mounting component.

Step 2

Decide where to hang your Gladiator cabinet, then hold the mounts against the wall and mark the holes in the brackets on the wall with a pencil. The best place is just over or right beside an electrical outlet for easy use of the tool chargers you will store.

Step 3

Pick a masonry drill bit one size down in diameter from the diameter of the screws enclosed with your Gladiator cabinet and attach it to a drill. Tighten the chuck to hold the masonry bit securely in the drill.

Step 4

Put on safety glasses. Drill pilot holes in the garage wall where you made the pencil marks using the drill, then insert plastic anchors in the pilot holes.

Step 5

Affix the cabinet mounts to the wall using screws and a screw gun, then hang your Gladiator cabinet on the wall.

Step 6

Place your hand tools and power tools along with chargers into the Gladiator cabinet to finish the installation.

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