How to Key a Master Padlock

Padlocks have shear pins inside the lock that a key contacts on the top and bottom to open a lock. The MasterLock universal padlock line has a modified lock cylinder that allows you to key the lock to an existing MasterLock key. This procedure allows you to key multiple locks to open with one key instead of special ordering several locks with the same key at a greater expense. You can key your own locks in just a matter of minutes with a rekeying tool.

You can key several MasterLock padlocks to the same key.

Step 1

Insert a MasterLock key into a MasterLock universal padlock.

Step 2

Turn the padlock over so the shackle faces down and the key faces up. Place the padlock in a vise in this position.

Step 3

Insert a MasterLock rekeying tool over the key against the lock.

Step 4

Strike the rekeying tool with a hammer using medium force. Remove the rekeying tool. Remove the padlock from the vise.

Step 5

Turn the key in the padlock to open the shackle.

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