How to Live in a Teardrop Camper

Teardrops are tiny. Teardrop.net reports that the size of the camper is usually about 4 feet high-by-4 feet wide and 8-to-10 feet long. These campers are popular because they are inexpensive to build or buy and can be pulled by a motorcycle or 4-cylinder vehicles. In the front of a teardrop, there is room for a double bed, but little else. In the back there is a hatch-type kitchen that opens. It is possible to live in a teardrop if you want to take to the open road hauling your little house behind you.

Home is where the teardrop is parked.

Step 1

Make sure you aren't claustrophobic. There isn't a lot of room in the sleeping capsule of a teardrop, so make sure you are comfortable in a small space.

Step 2

Reduce everything to a minimum, including clothes, cooking gear and personal items. Get by with one plate, knife, fork and spoon for each person who lives in the teardrop.

Step 3

Move to a warm state, such as Florida. Living in a teardrop camper would be impossible in North Dakota, unless you parked it in a heated garage, but it is viable in the southern states where it doesn't freeze.

Step 4

Scan your photos. Photo albums take up far too much room, so load the pictures onto your laptop so you can take them with you to show other people in the campground.

Step 5

Protect important documents. Things such as birth certificates and insurance policies can be scanned and stored on a free Internet site. These items can than be downloaded and printed from anywhere in the world if you misplace the originals or don't have room to store them.

Step 6

Wire the teardrop. When you pull into a campsite you need light and electricity to cook. A fan in the bedroom will also be handy for warm nights, and a heater for chilly evenings will make living in the teardrop more comfortable.

Step 7

Store clothes and personal grooming items under the bed. In a teardrop all space has to be maximized. Get storage bins that divide into subsections to fit in the trunk of your car. A travel container that fits on the top of your vehicle will also give you additional storage space.

Step 8

Build a shelf at the foot of the bed with soft wood, because it is light. Slide you feet under the wooden structure when you go to sleep. It gives you an additional place to keep things.

Step 9

Invest in a tarp with poles that will fit over the kitchenette. Also get a couple of small folding stools. Make sure the tarp rolls up and fits under the bed or in the trunk of your vehicle. This will protect you from the sun and rain and make living in a teardrop much more enjoyable.