How to Use Iron Stone Acrylic Sealer

Larry Simmons

Iron Stone acrylic sealer coats the pores of natural or man-made stone surfaces, to prevent moisture from seeping through. Since most stone discoloration is caused by penetration of the stone’s pores by a staining liquid, sealing the pores will prevent this -- keeping your stone surface, such as a floor, looking newer. Applying the sealer is not a difficult process, but some preparation is necessary to achieve the best results.

Step 1

Sweep away any dirt from the floor’s surface with a broom, to avoid having debris interfere with the sealer application. Any dirt present can cause an irregular sealer surface, adhering the dirt in place for as long as the new sealant layer lasts.

Step 2

Remove any existing sealant from the surface, by covering the floor with a thin layer of paint stripper. Use a rope mop to spread the stripper, taking care not to pool the stripper onto the floor’s surface. Wait 15 minutes for the stripper to penetrate through the sealant to the floor beneath. Remove the stripper along with the sealant, using the mop to wipe away all the material from the floor.

Step 3

Clean the stripped floor with a pH-neutral cleanser and a clean mop. Wash the stripper and sealant residue from the surface of the floor with the cleanser, and then rinse the floor clear of all cleaning products with clean water. Allow the floor to dry completely before applying the new sealant.

Step 4

Apply the Iron Stone sealer to the floor using a clean rope mop to spread it evenly. Spread the sealer using the mop, overlapping each pass across the floor by about 2 to 3 inches for an even floor coverage. Allow the sealer to dry for 30 minutes, and then apply a second layer to provide a solid protective coating. Use the same application process with the mop used to apply the first sealer layer. Allow this second layer to dry overnight before stepping onto the floor.