Binding the Edges of a Carpet Remnant to Make It Into an Area Rug

Area rugs are large rugs that are meant to offset a certain space in your home. They might be placed underneath the table and chairs in the living room, or they may be placed under your bed and nightstand in the bedroom. They provide sound proofing and new textures to your room. Buy large carpet remnants at the carpet outlets and then bind them at home to save yourself some money.

Use an area rug to add comfort to your home.

Step 1

Cut the carpet remnant down to the size that you want it to be using a utility knife. While you can use a very sturdy pair of scissors as well, the carpet fibers tend to blunt most scissors past repair.

Step 2

Lay the carpet binding tape flat on the floor, the adhesive side closer to you and the bound edge further away.

Step 3

Peel the protective plastic film from the tape, exposing the adhesive.

Step 4

Lay the edge of the carpet on top of the adhesive portion of the tape, starting at the middle of one of the carpet’s sides and placing the edge of the carpet as close to the edge as you can.

Step 5

Continue pressing the edge of the carpet to the adhesive strip, working your way around the carpet. Overlap the adhesive when you get to the corners.

Step 6

Cut the binding tape with the utility knife when you get all the way around the rug, bringing the two ends of the edge together snugly.

Step 7

Drop a small spot of hot glue into the crease between the carpet edge and the bound edge every 4 to 6 inches, further securing the carpet to the binding. The area rug is ready to be used when the hot glue dries.