How to Make a Canopy Bed in a Low Ceiling Room

Danielle Odom

Make a bedroom look and feel cozier with a do-it-yourself canopy bed. Sometimes, the height of the ceiling will not allow space for a four-poster bed with a canopy. The fabulous news is that you do not need to have vaulted ceilings to have a canopy over the bed. With a wooden box frame, some material and basic woodworking skills you can create the illusion of a four-poster bed without the added cost or required height.

Create the illusion of a four-poster bed with fabric.

Step 1

Measure the length and width the canopy will cover. Personal preference will dictate the area, but commonly the canopy covers to just outside the bed's edges.

Step 2

Transfer the measurements onto four 2-by-4 boards, two for the length and two for the height. Cut the four pieces and sand the cut edges with a hand sander.

Step 3

Place the four pieces with the longer sides on the left and right, parallel. Place the two boards that measure the width of the bed at the top and bottom ends of the longer side pieces.

Step 4

Line the pieces so the ends are flush and attach them together with C-clamps at the joint. It will be easier if you insert a piece of scrap wood over the top and bottom of the joint and tighten the clamp over them.

Step 5

Drill pilot holes through the two side pieces into the two end pieces, two holes at each joint.

Step 6

Attach the pieces with 3/4-inch wood screws.

Step 7

Measure the last two 2-by-4 boards to the same length as the top and bottom pieces, the measurement for the width of the bed. These are support frames.

Step 8

Insert the two additional 2-by-4 pieces into the inside of the frame by measuring 2 feet from the bottom and 2 feet from the top of the frame.

Step 9

Attach the two support frame pieces with two wood screws into each end.

Step 10

Drill a pilot hole into each corner of the frame. Insert an eye bolt into each pilot hole using a screwdriver inserted into the eye while turning.

Step 11

Measure the distance between the two eye bolts at the top end of the frame. Measure this distance out on the ceiling and make a dot at each point.

Step 12

Repeat for the distance between the top eye bolt to the bottom eye bolt. Make a dot at the location for the bottom measurement. Then, measure between the two bottom eye bolts, and transfer the measurements to the ceiling.

Step 13

Drill pilot holes at each dot in the ceiling and screw in threaded hooks at each hole.

Step 14

Measure from the hooks in the ceiling to the floor and add 1 1/2 feet. Cut eight pieces of fabric this length.

Step 15

Hem the raw edges of each piece of the fabric.

Step 16

Place the frame on the floor. Measure 2 feet from one end of a fabric piece. Turn the fabric so the hem side is up and staple the fabric to the top, narrow edge of the frame at one corner with the long end of the fabric toward the outside of the frame. Repeat with the rest of the fabric panels so there are two pieces of fabric secured to each corner, each stapled in an opposite direction.

Step 17

Hang the frame from the hooks in the ceiling and fold the short end of the fabric over the frame to drape along the outside and hide the staples.

Step 18

Cut 2-foot lengths of ribbons and tie the fabric panels together at each corner.