How to Get the Mildew Smell Out of an LG Tromm

The LG Tromm is a front-loading washer that requires regular ventilation to prevent trapped moisture from breeding bacteria in the washer's tub, which results in mildew along the drum's walls. Mildew and musty odors in the machine are removable by running a wash cycle with bleach, which effectively kills bacteria and freshens the washer's interior. Once cleaned, mildew is eliminated and musty smells are neutralized due to the potency of the bleach solution.

Clean out your LG Tromm's washer tub to kill growing mildew.

Step 1

Open the washer's door and remove all articles of clothing from the washer's tub.

Step 2

Insert your hand into the dispenser's hand slot and pull out the drawer. Pour the bleach into the bleach insert until the liquid fills to the top of the drawer's line.

Step 3

Push the drawer slowly into the washer and press "Option" on the washer's control panel. Press "Tub Clean" and push "Start/Pause" to begin the tub cleaning cycle.

Step 4

Open the washer's door after the cleaning cycle is complete to air dry the washer's tub. Ventilating the washer's tub eliminates moisture and prevents mildew from growing back in the washer.