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Samsung Front Loader Leaking From the Detergent Compartment

Meredith Jameson

Leaks from a front loading washing machine most usually occur due to loose hose connections or a drainage hose problem. However, sometimes problems with the detergent dispenser can also create a leak. If water or soap is leaking from the detergent dispenser from a Samsung front loading washing machine, some investigation may help identify and solve the leak problem.

High Efficiency Detergent

A common source of leaking in high efficiency washing machines, such as a Samsung front load washer, is the use of too much detergent or the wrong type. High efficiency washers require the use of high efficiency laundry detergent (HE) since He detergent is specifically made for use in washers that use less water. Using other types of detergent, even regular laundry detergent, can create excess soap foam and the washer can leak from the detergent dispenser as a result.

Excess Detergent

Using too much detergent can also cause water and soap to leak from the detergent dispenser in a Samsung washing machine. Too much detergent creates over-sudsing and may cause the detergent dispenser to overflow as the washing machine tries to process the extra amounts of detergent. Do not fill the detergent dispenser past the “Max” fill line to prevent this problem.

Clogged Dispenser

Over time, a residue may build up in the dispenser from various laundry detergent products. This residue may begin to block the water flow in and out of the dispenser during normal laundry operation, creating a leak. Clean the dispenser on a regular basis by removing the detergent liquid cup from the detergent drawer and the siphon cap from the bleach and fabric softener drawers. Wash these parts with water and then use a soft cloth or brush to clean out the interior of the detergent drawer. Dry the components and place them back in the dispenser, and then push the dispenser firmly into place until fully shut.

Final Cleaning

Once the Samsung detergent dispenser has been cleaned, start a “Rinse and Spin” cycle without any clothes or detergents in the washing machine. This will rinse out the detergent drawer and remove any remaining residue or debris. The extra cycle should resolve the leaking from the detergent dispenser, but if the problem returns or continues, contact Samsung for assistance.