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Frigidaire Fabric Softener Will Not Drain

Meredith Jameson
Table of Contents

If your Frigidaire fabric softener is not draining properly, you can try troubleshooting it on your own by regularly cleaning and maintaining your appliance, and monitoring how you use it.

Frigidaire Fabric Softener Will Not Drain

Most Frigidaire washing machines have a detergent dispenser drawer with separate compartments for the laundry detergent and other options, such as fabric softener and liquid chlorine bleach. Many users will never experience problems with the detergent dispenser throughout the lifetime of the washer. If, however, the fabric softener is not draining out of the compartment and into the washer during the wash cycle, some investigation is necessary so you can fix the problem. There are a few common reasons why this may be happening.

Pouring Liquid Into the Wrong Compartment

When filling the dispenser, check that the correct detergent is being poured into the correct compartment. Each compartment is marked for the appropriate detergent, such as “Detergent,” “Fabric Softener” and “Liquid Bleach.” If fabric softener is poured into the bleach or detergent compartment, the fabric softener may not dispense correctly and the dispenser will clog.


Pour fabric softener in the fabric softener compartment either to the “Min” or “Max” line, but do not overfill the compartment. Too much fabric softener can clog the dispenser and prevent proper dispensing. The dispenser will not drain completely if too full.

Not Cleaning the Dispenser Drawer

It's important to clean your dispenser drawer, to ensure that your fabric softener drains correctly. Pull the dispenser drawer out of the washing machine until the drawer stops and then press down on the lock tab in the rear left corner to pull the drawer out completely. Set the dispenser drawer in the sink and remove the inserts from inside the drawer. Wash out the drawer and the inserts with 3/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach and 1 gallon hot water, using a soft sponge to scrub out residue and leftover detergent, including fabric softener. Rinse all parts well and dry. Use a small soft brush to clean out the internal detergent drawer housing in the washer to remove any residue or accumulated debris. Then slide the drawer into the washer, pushing down on the lock tab until the drawer fully closes.

Improper Daily Operation

When shutting the dispenser drawer after filling it with laundry detergent and additives, close the drawer slowly before starting a load of laundry. Slamming the detergent drawer closed can lead to clogs or early dispensing of detergent, fabric softener and bleach.

Contact a Professional

If you're experiencing problems with your Frigidaire fabric softener not draining correctly, try troubleshooting on your own first. First, ensure that you're pouring your washing liquids into their proper compartments and not overloading those compartments. In addition, make sure you're using your dispenser drawer properly and cleaning it on a regular basis. Don't hesitate to consult your manual or a professional technician if you continue to have problems with your Frigidaire appliance.