How to Install A/C Window Brackets

Older or heavy window-mounted air conditioners have brackets that are installed on the windowsill.
Brackets hold window-mounted air conditioners in place.
These brackets prevent the unit from falling out of the window or tilting and causing the window to open. Failure to install an air conditioner's included brackets can result in injury, property damage or energy loss. Although bracket installation can vary, depending on the air conditioner you're installing, there are similarities between most designs. .

Step 1

Open the window where you want to place the air conditioner.

Step 2

Place the bracket on the windowsill according to the installation instructions that came with the air conditioner. Most air conditioners come with a single bracket that you must center on the windowsill. Use a measuring tape to measure the center of the sill and mark the placement of the bracket.

Step 3

Place a level across the bracket and the windowsill to level it. Mark the screw markings on the windowsill through the predrilled holes in the bracket. Some brackets also screw onto the outside of the house. If this is the case with your bracket, mark the screw markings on the exterior wall as well.

Step 4

Drill holes in the windowsill and wall where you made the screw markings. Make the holes slightly smaller in diameter than the screws.

Step 5

Screw the bracket in place, using wood screws to attach it to wood or vinyl and sheet metal screws to attach it to metal.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Sheet metal screws or wood screws
  • Screwdriver

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