How to Connect a Water Line to a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite refrigerators use a standard kit to hook up a water line for dispensing cold water and making ice in the freezer's automatic ice maker.
The kit contains everything you need, including a standard 1/4-inch water line, except the hand tools required for the installation. Buy a water line kit at a plumbing shop or hardware store. Follow basic safety precautions when hooking up the water line, including disconnecting the appliance from the electricity.

Step 1

Pull the appliance three feet away from the wall to unplug the electrical cord.

Step 2

Twist the valve knob on the cold water pipe to the right as far as it will turn to shut off water.

Step 3

Wrap a 2-inch length of pipe below the valve knob with plumber's tape.

Step 4

Slide the saddle valve clamp in your kit onto the tape wrapping and twist the screw in the clamp clockwise to puncture the cold water pipe.

Step 5

Fasten the connector on the end of the water line to the threaded nozzle on the saddle valve, tightening with the adjustable wrench.

Step 6

Drill a hole through the cabinet next to the cold water pipe, using the drill, to create access for the water line to the Kenmore. Use a 1/2-inch drill bit.

Step 7

Route the loose end of the water line through the cabinet to the back of the Kenmore.

Step 8

Wrap plumber's tape around the threaded pipe protruding from the back of the Kenmore Elite on the upper right.

Step 9

Twist on the connector on the water line to the pipe on the Kenmore Elite and tighten with the wrench.

Step 10

Unscrew the knob on the water pipe and the smaller knob on the saddle valve hooked into the pipe. Check for leaks at the pipe and the back of the Kenmore Elite. Twist the connections clockwise with the wrench to stop minor dripping, then dry your hands

Step 11

Plug in the Kenmore Elite's electrical cord.

Step 12

Open the freezer door to turn on the power switch for the ice maker.

Things You Will Need

  • Plumber's tape
  • Water line kit
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Electric drill and bits

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