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How to Make a Fence Out of Vintage Doors

Jennifer Eblin

A fence made from old doors has a stunning impact when seen from the street or road. Pick doors with a weathered finish, which will make the fence blend in with the surrounding landscaping. Salvage stores and junkyards provide a wealth of options, including church doors, school doors and old doors from demolished houses. The trick in creating the fence involves attaching the doors together. Once you have the doors attached, you can create the fence the same way you would a privacy fence.

Turn a series of old doors into a fun fence.

Step 1

Lay the doors flat in the yard and arrange them the way you want. You may prefer arranging the doors by height or mixing and matching the heights. Divide the doors into sections of four or five.

Step 2

Measure down two feet from the top and place one of the boards. Measure up from the bottom two feet and place a second board. Saw off the ends of the boards, making the boards flush with the ends of the doors. Attach screws to the board every few inches, securing the boards to the doors.

Step 3

Mark the location of your first post. Dig the hole with the post digger, making the hole approximately a third as deep as the height of the post. Place a thin layer of gravel in the bottom of the hole and set the post in place. Cover the sides of the post with concrete, which will keep the post from swaying or moving.

Step 4

Place more holes every four to eight feet around the yard. Measure the length of each door section and use those measurements for the location of each fence post. Dig a hole for each post, lay down gravel, insert your post and arrange concrete around the sides.

Step 5

Lean your door sections along the fence posts, making sure the doors sit flush with the ground. Drill holes through the fence posts, with each hole going into the doors. Drill a hole every foot along the post. Screw through the holes, securing the door sections to the fence posts.