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How Do I Pull a PVC Deep Well Pipe?

Chris Stevenson

Deep well pipes come in two styles: one has a surface pump that draws water, while the other design incorporates a submersible pump that fits inside the well casing and is located at the bottom of the bore hole. In either case, you will have to lift deep wells that have PVC pipe from the top by either cutting sections at a time or removing the joint sections. Deep wells up to 150 feet will require some firm muscle power with the aid of an assistant or two. With help, it is possible for a homeowner to extract his PVC well pipe, for either replacement or repair.

Wells can be either shallow or deep, depending upon the depth of the water table.

Step 1

Shut off the well pump switch at the control box. As an extra precaution, turn off the main panel circuit breaker to the well pump electricity. Drain the pressure tank at the drain valve using a crescent wrench for a cap nut, or manually turn the petcock valve, if so equipped.

Step 2

Disconnect the pump inlet connection to the well pipe with a pipe wrench, for a nut cap design. If the joint between the pump and the well pipe fitting is flexible hose, use a screwdriver to remove the hose clamp, then separate the joint. It might have a T fitting, so remove the extra hose fitting with the correct tool. Loop a length of rope twice over the end of the pipe, so you will have non-slip leverage when pulling up on the pipe.

Step 3

Lift up on the pipe hand over hand until you reach a connection joint, or have 15 to 20 feet of pipe exposed. Have an assistant help you with the lift, while another assistant re-positions the rope to keep tension on it. The rope assistant can tie off the rope to a fixed object like a tree or fence post, to keep the pipe from sliding back down into the well. Loosen the joints if the pipe has segmented thread joints, using a pair of pipe wrenches.

Step 4

Cut the pipe with a hacksaw at 15- to 20-foot sections, if replacing a pipe that has no joints. Pull up the pipe, disconnect or cut sections, until you have removed the total length of pipe. For a long, one-piece PVC pipe, use a well plumber's Kwik Klamp to grasp the pipe at the well outlet, once you have pulled up a heavy section. Take your time and rest frequently, bracing the pipe as many times as you need to.

Step 5

Disconnect the wire harness from the electrical control box and coil it neatly next to the well head, if you have a submersible well pump. Disconnect the well pipe from the tank at the fitting joint, with either a pipe wrench or screwdriver for a flexible hose.

Step 6

Pull the pipe up manually and brace it with either hand-held rope, or have an assistant lock a pipe wrench at the base. Snip the wire ties on the outside of the pipe using wire cutters, and coil the wire neatly to the side. The wires attach to the submersible pump at the bottom of the pipe casing. Remove all sections, or the entire length of pipe.