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How to Pull a Windmill Pump

Amy Sutton

Windmills have been used throughout history for many purposes. These include milling, energy production and pumping water to homes, businesses and farms. Windmills used for pumping water are commonly found on ranches and farms across the United States. Large blades at the top of the windmill are turned by the power of the wind, which provides the power to pump the groundwater. A windmill's pump is located underground and will need to be pulled and replaced occasionally.

Windmills are still used on farms today.
  1. Turn off the windmill at the bottom of the tower. There is normally a switch that can be turned to prevent the blades from rotating.

  2. Disconnect the pump rod connector with a wrench, and remove the well seal.

  3. Start pulling up the pump rod through the well pipe. Disconnect each piece of pump rod by turning the coupler that connects the pieces together, while holding on to the piece below.

  4. Continue to pull pump rod pieces until you get to the pump. The pump rod will be as long as the depth of the well, so it could be 100 feet to 300 feet long. Some may be even longer.