DIY Broken Tile Top on a Coffee Table

If you picked up a cheap wooden table at a flea market or thrift store, you may not know what to do with it. Create a one-of-a kind mosaic with ceramic tiles to transform the table. A mosaic can be made with bathroom or kitchen tiles. The mosaic can be created in colors to complement your decor, or you can make an elaborate pattern or image to become the focal point of any room the table is placed in. Use tiles that are the same height and thickness to ensure that the table is level.

Use grout between broken ceramic tiles on a table top to hold them in place and seal the table.

Step 1

Place ceramic tiles into a pillowcase or wrap them in a towel to break them. Use a hammer to crack the tiles and break them into chunky pieces. Don't smash the tiles more than a couple of times; the larger the pieces, the easier they will be to work with.

Step 2

Glue the tiles one at a time to the top of the coffee table. Use a strong adhesive made especially for ceramics. Arrange the tiles in a pattern or image or just randomly glue them all over the table for an eclectic look. The tiles don't need to be spaced evenly, but it looks neater if they are. Tile spacers are available to help keep the spacing uniform. If you are gluing the tiles in a pattern, lay out the design first without using glue to see where the tile pieces will be placed. For best results, line the edges of the table with a row of straight-edged tiles to keep the table from being a hazard. Allow the adhesive to dry overnight before adding grout.

Step 3

Spread grout in between the secured tiles using a foam brush. Apply the grout all over the tiles and in between them, getting it into all the spaces between the pieces of tile. Before the grout dries, remove excess grout from the tops of the tiles using a clean sponge.

Step 4

Allow the table to dry overnight. Apply grout sealer to the table to finish the project. The sealer will keep the table looking good and keep the grout intact, minimizing wear and tear on the table.