How to Fix a Couch With a Dip

Monica Patrick

Sinking into a drooping couch can be a disconcerting experience for guests, especially if their mobility is an issue. Fixing a couch that has a dip is an easy task that requires a minimal amount of time, once you have the necessary supplies. With a minimum investment, you can salvage a sunken couch instead of spending money on a brand new one.

Use furniture properly to prevent it from collapsing.

Step 1

Remove the seat cushions from the couch. Examine the couch frame. Feel the frame with your hands, looking for breaks in the wood. Be careful as you could get splinters in your hands from broken beams.

Step 2

Add support to a couch with broken beams by placing a piece of plywood between the couch and the cushions. Measure the couch space, and cut the plywood large enough to give support but not so large it can be seen poking out along the edges.

Step 3

Sand the rough edges of the plywood to make them smoother. Apply a coat of paint to both sides of the plywood, or cover it with a fabric, using a stapler, that matches your sofa.

Step 4

Place the plywood on the couch and cover it with the couch cushions. Arrange the cushions so that the firm sides face up.