How to Cover a Sewer Pipe in the Backyard

Bonnie Conrad

The sewer pipe in your backyard may serve an important purpose, but that does not make it any more attractive. An ugly sewer pipe sticking up out of your backyard can ruin the look you have worked so hard to maintain; hiding that pipe from view should be part of your landscaping plans. You can use a number of techniques and landscape elements to disguise that unsightly sewer pipe.

Use landscaping to disguise the sewer pipe.

Step 1

Lay out a circle in your backyard with the sewer pipe in the middle. Fill that circle with decorative stones, and stack decorative bricks around the perimeter to keep those stones in place. Arrange four large planter pots around the sewer pipe to hide it. Fill each of the planter pots with an ornamental shrub, miniature tree, rosebush or assortment of flowers.

Step 2

Add an ornamental windmill or wishing well to your backyard and use the bottom of that windmill to cover the sewer pipe. You can purchase ready-made ornamental windmills and wishing wells, or you can buy a set of plans and make your own.

Step 3

Cover the sewer pipe with an artificial rock. These fake rocks are designed to look just like the real thing, but they are made of plastic and are hollow on the bottom. Scatter a number of artificial rocks around the backyard to cover unsightly elements in the landscape and give the yard a more natural look.