How to Make an Outdoor Cabana Bed

Samantha Kemp

If you would like a relaxing retreat but can't afford to go on vacation, add a cabana bed to your backyard to make your own tropical paradise. This addition will provide you with a comfortable retreat and extra seating in your backyard. Use your current outdoor furnishings, erect your own frame to shade the cabana area or erect your own frame by using PVC pipes. In a weekend you can transform your typical backyard to an outdoor haven.

Learn how to build a cabana bed to add to your backyard.

Step 1

Plan the layout for your cabana area. Use an area beneath an arbor or pergola if you have one in your yard.

Step 2

Add concrete to cover the area for your cabana bed if you do not have an existing pergola. Pour the concrete or use a concrete pad that you purchase from a home improvement store

Step 3

Prepare your concrete surface for the addition of four posts to make a pseudo-pergola. Mark the locations on the concrete for your anchors. The anchors will be positioned in the four corners of the concrete area where you will add four posts. Drill 1/4-inch long Tapcon screws into the anchors to secure the anchors to the concrete

Step 4

Add four posts to the anchors. Hammer the posts into position by inserting nails through the top of the anchor posts and into the wood.

Step 5

Add a roof of your choice. Use a preconstructed pergola roof, plywood or lattice.

Step 6

Hang a curtain rod between each post. You will have a total of four curtain rods. Hang outdoor curtains that will hold up against the elements. Use mosquito netting for a tropical look or vibrant curtains for a pop of color. Add curtain tiebacks on the posts so that you can open the curtains and frame the cabana area when you prefer.

Step 7

Place a daybed in the center of the cabana area. A daybed will provide sitting space when you prefer or a place where you or a guest can lay down. It is smaller in size than a traditional bed, so it can work in small cabana areas as well as in larger cabanas. Use a platform bed with a basic structure of four legs and a flat support if you want a larger bed for your cabana bed.

Step 8

Add outdoor linens to the bed. Add a waterproof mat on top of the mattress. Make the bed with outdoor fabrics to use for sheets. Add a few colorful pillows.