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How to Repair an Anchor Pulled From Wood Furniture

Kimberly Johnson

Wood furniture pieces are often secured together using various screws, anchors and glue. Over time, pressure exerted on the wood can strip the anchor hole, causing the screw to fall out and parts of the furniture to loosen or fall off. To repair the furniture piece, you simply expand the stripped hole and insert a new anchor to grip the wood firmly again. The repair process is inexpensive and one that homeowners can perform without extensive furniture knowledge.

Resecure wood anchors to stabilize furniture.

Step 1

Use a screwdriver or a pair of pliers to completely remove the screws and anchor if it is still partially attached. Turn the furniture so that you can easily access the stripped hole, flipping it onto its back or side if needed.

Step 2

Locate an anchor that is one size larger in diameter than the one that came out of the furniture. Insert a drill bit that is the same diameter as the new anchor into a drill.

Step 3

Put on protective eye wear, and insert the tip of the bit into the hole in the furniture. Squeeze the trigger to enlarge the hole down to the length of the anchor, which is typically between 1/2 and 1 inch.

Step 4

Release the trigger and remove the original drill bit. Replace it with a countersink drill bit, which is larger in diameter and creates a wider area at the top of the hole. Insert the bit on top of the hole and drill down approximately 1/4 inch.

Step 5

Set the drill aside and place the new plastic anchor in the top of the hole. Tap it into place using a hammer until the rim is inside the hole and completely below the surface of the wood.

Step 6

Push the loosened furniture pieces back together, and insert a screw through the screw hole and into the anchor using a screwdriver until it is tight.