How to Fix the Hydraulic on a Backhoe

All backhoes are built with several mechanical parts that are powered by a built-in hydraulic system. This hydraulic system allows you to move the backhoe's bucket up and down. A hydraulic motor features a hydraulic ram. The ram is a large cylinder where the motor's piston is located. One of the main causes of hydraulic failure has to do with a leaky hydraulic ram. Repairing the hydraulic system on your backhoe involves replacing the individual cylinder seal on the ram.

Repair hydraulic leaks on your backhoe.

Step 1

Turn off the backhoe motor and let it cool down for about 30 minutes if the backhoe has been running. Turning off the engine should also disable the hydraulic pump.

Step 2

Lift up the panel concealing the backhoe's motor. Locate the hydraulic ram assembly beneath the panel. Unscrew and remove the hydraulic hoses from the pump with a crescent wrench. Insert plastic hydraulic caps into the exposed line outputs on the ram to plug the lines.

Step 3

Remove the mounting bolts from the ram with socket wrench and the appropriately-sized socket. The mounting bolts are usually situated near the rear of the ram assembly. Lift the ram off of the backhoe. Relocate the ram to a flat work table.

Step 4

Place the ram face-up inside a table-mounted bench vise or similar clamp. Remove the bolt securing the ram's top cover in place. Carefully remove the cover from the ram and set it aside.

Step 5

Pull the metal rod out of the ram cylinder. Peel away the gasket inside the piston with a seal pick. This is a small, metal tool used for removing old gaskets and seals from mechanical equipment.

Step 6

Examine the inside of the cylinder for any burrs or other significant damage to the metal. Buff and smooth out the damage with a crocus cloth. This is a finishing cloth commonly used in smoothing out metal surfaces. Place the new gasket inside the cylinder. Align it with the grooves inside the ram assembly until it fits firmly in place.

Step 7

Push the metal rod back into the cylinder. Replace the ram's top cover, as well as any retaining bolts.

Step 8

Place the ram back onto the backhoe. Align the bolt holes on the ram with the bolt holes on the backhoe's body. Reattach the ram to the backhoe with your bolts and socket wrench. Remove the caps from each hydraulic hose line. Reattach each hydraulic hose to the ram. Close the backhoe motor panel.

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