How to Change the Door Direction on a Maytag Dryer

Grace Alexander

If the door on your Maytag dryer opens in the opposite direction of what you are accustomed to or is convenient, reversing it can solve your problem. Most Maytag appliances have doors which can be quickly be taken off and reinstalled to open in the desired direction.

How to Change the Door Direction on a Maytag Dryer

Your dryer can be one of the appliances you use most, but aggravation can soon set in once you realize that the door opens in a direction that is awkward for you or space it fits in. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy fix. Thanks to Maytag's consumer-friendly appliance design, you can take the door off and reinstall it so it opens in the direction you prefer. All you'll need is a couple of things to get started.


Always make sure there is no power leading to the appliance you are working on. Turn the breaker switch off and unplug the dryer. If your appliance is hard-wired into the wall, stop and call a qualified electrician for help.

    Disconnect the Dryer

  1. Pull the dryer carefully away from the wall, and unplug it. Disconnect the dryer vent, and move the dryer to a place that allows room to maneuver.

  2. Remove and Loosen the Dryer-Door Hinge Screws

  3. Remove the bottom screw in each dryer-door hinge where it connects to the dryer using the Phillips head screwdriver. Loosen the top screws in each hinge.

  4. Remove the Dryer Door

  5. Lift the door gently and the hinges should slide free of the dryer front. Lay the door front down on the soft cotton cloth or towel to prevent scratching. Finish removing the remaining screws from the door hinges. Set the door hinge screws to one side.

  6. Switch the Plastic Plugs from One Side to the Other

  7. Remove the four plastic plugs located outside of the dryer door opening using the flat-head screwdriver. Reinsert them in the four holes where the hinges you just removed were installed.

  8. Switch the Door Strike from One Side to the Other

  9. Remove the door strike from the same side of the dryer you just removed the plastic plugs from, and remove the cosmetic screw from the opposite side of the dryer opening. Replace the strike on the other side of the dryer and do the same for the cosmetic screw.

  10. Tip

    The dryer strike and the plastic plugs should both be on the same side of the dryer when step 5 is complete.

    Switch the Door Hinge from One Side to the Other

  11. Remove the screws holding the hinges to the door using the Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the cosmetic screws on the opposite side of the door. Reinstall both hinges where the cosmetic screws were, with the non-slotted side of the hinge attaching to the dryer door. Insert the cosmetic screws to fill the now empty holes on the other side of the door.

  12. Reinstall the Door

  13. Screw a door hinge screw part way into each of the top holes where the hinge will attach to the dryer. Leave about 1/4-of-an-inch exposed. Slide the door and hinges into place over the screw-heads, and lower until the door is in place. Tighten the top door hinge screws, then install the bottom door hinge screws.

  14. Replace the Dryer and Reconnect the Power Supply

  15. Reattach the dryer vent, push the dryer gently back into place, check to ensure it is level and close the door to ensure the door strike engages. Plug the dryer back in and flip the electrical breaker back on.

  16. Your Maytag dryer door will now open in the reverse of its original position, making it easy for you to open and close the door.