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How to Fix a Dryer-Door Hinge

Elizabeth Knoll

The hinges on a dryer door are located on the inside of the door. Some dryers have two hinges while others have only one. If a hinge becomes damaged and does not allow the door to properly open or close, you will need to replace it. Replacement hinges are available from your dryer's manufacturer. There will be either a phone number to call or a website to visit, to order replacement parts, referenced in your dryer owner's manual.

Replace an old, worn-out hinge with a new one.
  1. Open the door on your dryer as wide as it will go. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the door hinge, or hinges, to the front of the dryer.

  2. Remove the door from the dryer. Some hinges will have two more screws securing the hinge to the door; remove these screws. If your hinge does not have these screws, pull one end of the hinge free of the door and then remove the hinge completely.

  3. Secure the new hinge to the door. If your hinge had screws, line up the holes in the hinge with the holes in the door and insert the screws. Tighten with a screwdriver. If your hinge did not have screws, put one end over the holding bump on the door and push the hinge on to snap the other end onto the other holding bump.

  4. Line up the holes on the other side of the hinge, or hinges, with the holes on the front of the dryer. Insert the supplied screws into these holes and tighten them with a screwdriver. Gently open and close the dryer door to test.