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Reversing the Frigidaire Affinity Dryer Door

David Clair

The door on a Frigidiare Affinity automatic gas or electric dryer is designed to be reversed to accommodate the location in which it is installed. If you move your dryer to a new location, it may be necessary to remove the door and reverse the direction that it swings open. The door can be changed back to its original orientation at any time if needed.

Step 1

Open the door fully. Remove the four plugs on the door opening side opposite the door hinges.

Step 2

Remove the four screws that hold the hinges to the door frame. Lift the door off of the dryer.

Step 3

Remove the four screws connecting the hinges to the door. Remove the four screws on the opposite side of the door.

Step 4

Insert the tip of the flat-head screwdriver into the seam between the inner and outer door pieces. Work the screwdriver around the seam to separate the two pieces.

Step 5

Rotate the inner door piece 180 degrees. Press the two door halves together.

Step 6

Replace the four screws on the door where the hinge was previously installed.

Step 7

Position the hinges on the other side of the door. Install the screws holding the hinges in place.

Step 8

Position the door on the dryer. Install the screws that secure the hinges to the cabinet.

Step 9

Insert the four plugs into the side opposite the door hinges.